Chris Smith

I tell everyone I meet that’s in the market for a new home to go to J Hite homes in early! My experience with J Hite was great. The level of customer service was above and beyond what most modern day businesses can offer. Their service after the sale is the virtue that makes them stand out the most. I bought my home in the summer of 2015, still to this day J Hite still strives to serve me in whatever needs or concerns I have. J Hite is super good about returning phone calls too. I made a mistake by shopping for homes in Abilene. I feel like there is a lot of sales people that are more interested in making a sale rather than serving a customer. Most salespeople will not even talk to you until they check your credit. And then they tell you what you need instead of you telling them what you want. J Hite was prepared to answer all questions I had. They know the business well. They truly desire to have a satisfied customer. I am certain that J Hite will be your last stop. The drive to Early, TX is well worth it. Take my advice, go see J Hite in early.