Hurricane Harvey and Irma cause Havoc to Manufactured Housing

The two Hurricanes that have landed in the United States are putting a strain on manufactured housing production.  Prices on Lumber, OSB, Shingles, Sheetrock and Wire are skyrocketing due to the extensive damaged caused by the hurricanes. Manufactures have already increased the wholesale pricing by $0.50 to $0 .75 a square foot increasing the average retail price by $1,000.00. We are likely to see additional price increases and or allocations of raw materials when the recovery process begins.

FEMA has already places orders for 4000 temporary manufactured housing with more to come. This will cause lead times on stock and retail orders pushed out to 10 to 12 weeks. More than likely their will not be any price guarantees on ordered houses. This will place a burden on our Retail Customers. .  J Hite Homes and our manufacturing plants are working closely together to assure a smooth manufactured home purchase for our customers.


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